Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Day

Today was a long day, but it was nice to be with people and be distracted. Today was the birthday party and mock rehersal dinner for Megan's future sister-in-law Meghan lol. There were Freeman's and Thunem's everywhere lol! We had lovely food and a green cake lol :) Meghan's wedding color is green. I actually dressed up too lol, I wore a dress! But compensated by being barefoot the whole time. The party was a nice distration until the happy couples starting showing PDA and I almost burst into tears! But I got my self together and tuned it out. However the second I got in my car ... It crept up on me. Luckily momma was in a good mood and told me that Brian is a good guy and he will come back. So that consoled me a bit. Well I am super tired and starting to slip so goodnight followers!

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