Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello all, Please take a moment to visit my friend JoJo's shop and check out his "Save the Coast" original work of art. Soon it will also be available screen printed on T-shirts, so that you may wear your support as well!

Lend your hearts to the southcoast and help in any way possible toward efforts to save our wildlife and livlihoods. Its not much but $10 of each *SAVE THE COAST* print will go to the audubon society whose mission is to save our wildlife and habitats.

Thank You for your support.
(He's an artist, an activist, and a cutie! Sign me up!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Im Featured!

Ooooh Here it is!

Enter to win a $15 gift certificate to my store!

Thank you OneFrugalLady!


HeyLadyHandbags is going to be featured in a Frugal Lady Blog Soon!
Thanks so much to her, There will be a give away from my shop too so stay tuned for the contest details!